Updated on May 6, 2024

UnMask Async

The asynchronous unmasking approach assists in unmasking large volumes of data.

Using this method permits you to submit an unmask request, and in return, you receive a tracking ID. The tracking ID is utilized to check the status of the corresponding request.

Endpoint and Authentication:

To use Protecto.ai’s token-based masking, you need to send a PUT request to the following endpoint:

Endpoint: https://trial.protecto.ai/api/vault/umask/async

For authentication, include the following token in the request headers:

Headers: {“Authorization”: “Bearer <AUTH_TOKEN>”}

Request Payload:

Here’s an example of a request payload

Request Payload: 

{"unmask": [{"token_value": "8oGEcGVEkj 700ZSgo1pA"}]}


If the status is PENDING, try again after a few minutes to see if the data has been processed(SUCCESS)

    "data": [
            "tracking_id": "4f0f6df0-b063-409a-ace0-88398d7bf3d821122023081515",
            "status": "PENDING"
    "success": true,
    "error": {
        "message": ""
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