Updated on January 30, 2024


Welcome to Protecto Billing Module



Thank you for choosing Protecto! This user guide is designed to assist you in navigating and efficiently utilizing the features of the Protecto Billing module. The module primarily focuses on the seamless interaction with the Recharge and Credit Balance functionalities.

Steps for Interactive Usage

1. Initiate Recharge in the Billing

Begin your billing journey by accessing the Billing section and selecting the “Recharge” option. This step serves as the starting point for engaging with various features.

2. Confirm Initial Credit Balance

Upon entry, take a moment to observe and ensure that the initial credit balance is set to $25. This serves as a reference point for your billing activities.

3. API Interaction (1st time)

Explore the API capabilities by triggering it for the first time. This action will result in a balance reduction of $0.25 after a duration of 1 hour.

4. Proceed to Credit Balance Addition

Navigate to the “Add to Credit Balance” functionality to initiate the process. This action seamlessly redirects you to the Stripe page for further interaction.

5. Make a Successful Payment

Input valid credit card details on the Stripe page and proceed with the payment process. Acknowledge the resulting popup that confirms the success of the transaction.

6. Review Transaction Details

Direct your attention to the Credit details table, where comprehensive transaction details are presented. These include Date, Transaction ID, Amount, Card used, and Status (Success).

7. Confirm Balance Adjustment

After a successful payment, confirm that the credit balance has dynamically adjusted, reflecting the amount paid during the transaction.

8. Revisit Credit Balance Addition

Return to the “Add to Credit Balance” option to explore its capabilities further. This action leads to the display of the Stripe page with previous card details.

9. Make a Second Successful Payment

Update credit card details as needed and proceed with another payment. Acknowledge the resulting popup, indicating the success of the second transaction.

10. Review Second Transaction Details

Consult the Credit details table for a comprehensive overview of the second payment. This includes Date, Transaction ID, Amount, New Card used, and Status (Success).

11. Confirm Second Balance Adjustment

Verify that the credit balance has appropriately adjusted, reflecting the amount paid during the second successful payment.

12. Review Failed Transaction Details

Refer to the Credit details table to review specific details of the failed transaction. This includes Date, Transaction ID, Amount, Card used, and Status (Failure).

13. Confirm Unchanged Balance

Verify that the credit balance remains unchanged following a failed payment, ensuring system stability and accuracy.


Congratulations! You’ve successfully interacted with various features within the Protecto Billing module. If any issues arise or deviations from expected outcomes occur, please report them promptly for thorough investigation and resolution. We appreciate your commitment to the seamless use of Protecto’s Billing functionalities!

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