Updated on December 21, 2023

Async status

The asynchronous status method enables us to monitor the status of both masking and unmasking processes.

Endpoint and Authentication:

To use Protecto.ai’s token-based masking, you need to send a PUT request to the following endpoint:

Endpoint: https://trial.protecto.ai/api/vault/async-status

For authentication, include the following token in the request headers:

Headers: {“Authorization”: “Bearer <AUTH_TOKEN>”}

Request Payload:

Here’s an example of a request payload:

Request Payload:

{"status": [{"tracking_id": "4f0f6df0-b063-409a-ace0-88398d7bf3d821122023081515"}]}


    "data": [
            "tracking_id": "4f0f6df0-b063-409a-ace0-88398d7bf3d821122023081515",
            "call_type": "unmask",
            "input_payload": {
                "unmask": [
                        "token_value": "8oGEcGVEkj 700ZSgo1pA"
            "result": null,
            "error_msg": null,
            "submitted_time": "2023-12-21 08:15:15",
            "completed_time": null,
            "status": "PENDING"
    "success": true,
    "error": {
        "message": ""
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