Updated on March 5, 2024

Supporting Token and Format Types

This table summarizes the details of the supported token types and formats provided by default.

Token Types
Token Name No. of bytes Min. bytes Max. bytes Token Characters Case sensitive
Text Token same as input 10 20 alpha-numeric No
Numeric Token same as input 12 25 numeric No
Special Token random 15 30 alpha-numeric No
Format Example Mask
Person Name George Williams yefNTf jm3Jf
Email Address George@example.com yefNTf@VxLPAG1Dvm
Phone Number (555) 123-4567 (089) 404-7736
Address 1234 Elm Street,Los Angeles pZl7 G8G WB7L,02F8 00r
IP Address 368.531.3681.004
Social Identification Numbers 856-45-6789 CQW3-HJE33-89FD
Credit Card 5000236879543214 4D67AFZLFh3OBk03cNo0
Organization Quantum Solutions  nIcFbpE hIhtVRs 
Url https://trial.databricks.com nIcFbpE://hIhtVRs.4D67AFZLFh3OBk03cNo0.CQW3

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