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Secure RAG (#SecRAG) by Protecto reimagines data protection, embedding role-based access deep within the RAG architecture. Explore the latest in AI security and privacy with our team at

March 18 & 19 2024, New York City, NY
Engage with our leaders to explore SecRAG's impact on your Gen AI strategies.

Introducing Secure RAG (#SecRAG)

Your Turnkey Solution for Gen AI Security and Privacy

Role-Based Data Access

Intelligent Authorization” – Built-in RBAC to ensure every data retrieval is compliant and secure.

Dynamic Contextual Awareness

Adaptive Security” – Aligns data access with user roles dynamically, ensuring responses are both authorized and personalized.

Granular Access Control

Precision Privacy” – Detailed controls for administrators to define user-specific data access, protecting sensitive information with unmatched accuracy.

Sensitive Data Protection

Vault-Grade Security” – Recognizes and secures sensitive information, maintaining context integrity and model precision without compromising privacy.

Meet the Minds Behind #SecRAG

Our leadership is at the heart of Protecto’s vision for a secure AI future. Connect with our experts at ISG Xperience Summit 2024We are also excited to announce that we are one of the participants for “Startup Challenge Contestant” at the summit.

Amar Kanagaraj

Founder & CEO, Protecto

Amar is a second-time entrepreneur. As the CMO, he scaled his previous startup to $7M ARR. He started his career as a developer at Sun Microsystems and then led product management for Microsoft Search & AI. He has an MBA from Carnegie Mellon and MS in Computer Science from LSU.

Protik Mukhopadhyay

Chief Operating Officer, Protecto

Protik is a B2B Growth Leader and a serial entrepreneur. He co-founded Standav, rapidly expanding it to 220 employees in five years as the CRO, leading to its merger with Brillio, a Bain Capital portfolio company. At Apttus, a SaaS startup, his team was instrumental in achieving $10 million ARR in just 15 months. Protik began his career at Brocade as a Business Systems Manager. He holds a Master’s in Computer Science from the University of Southern California (USC) and is based out of Dallas, Texas.

Join Us on March 18 (Day-1) for Protecto's #SecRAG Pitch & Use Cases


March 18 & 19, 2024


New York City, NY

This event is completed.
Engage with our leaders to explore SecRAG's impact on your Gen AI strategies.


Role-based access and data protection built-in into RAG

#SecRAG redefines Gen AI data security with state-of-the-art role-based access control, ensuring that every interaction is not only intelligent but also secure. Our dynamic contextual awareness adapts in real-time, providing precise data access tailored to user roles and permissions. The granular access control and sensitive data protection features are designed to meet the most stringent security requirements, maintaining integrity without compromising on performance.

"Protecto empowers us to protect data, bolster customer confidence, and make significant strides towards achieving full compliance across AI and non-AI applications."
Jagannath Gorti
Nokia's Head of IT Commercial Engineering
"With Protecto, we’ve enabled innovative Gen AI features while having stronger data security and privacy. Products like #SecRAG give us granular control over data protection across our data."
Venkat Gopalan
Chief Data Officer of Belcorp
Engage with our leaders to explore SecRAG's impact on your AI strategies.

What more do we do?

Protecto is the only solution that offers LLM:

Unmatched Data Security & Privacy

Securely interact with Large Language Models (LLMs) while protecting sensitive data like PII, PCI and PHI.

Consistent Tokenization

Eliminate information loss with uniform tokenization across sessions, a common issue with other solutions.

Context Preservation

Unique capability to mask sensitive data without losing context, ensuring LLMs understand and respond accurately.

Data Utility Maintenance

Expertly anonymizes sensitive data while maintaining its utility, allowing for coherent and logical LLM responses.

Flexible Deployment Options

Offering both on-premise and SaaS (available on the Azure Marketplace), integrating seamlessly with your LLM architecture.

Secure RAG-as-a-Service

Innovatively designed to complement your LLM operations, available through our APIs for ease of integration.

Engage with our leaders to explore SecRAG's impact on your Gen AI strategies.

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Join Us on March 18 (Day-1) for Protecto's #SecRAG Pitch & Use Cases
Engage with our leaders to explore SecRAG's impact on your Gen AI strategies.