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Supported PII/PHI Entities

Protecto identifies 1000’s of entities,here is the list of PII/PHI supported by default.contact help@protecto.ai or set up a demo for  the full list of entities

                                                                                     Token Types
Token Name No. of bytes Min. bytes Max. bytes Token Characters Case sensitive
Default Token same as input 10 20 alpha-numeric No
Text Token same as input 10 20 alpha-numeric No
Numeric Token same as input 12 25 numeric No
Special Token random 15 30 alpha-numeric No

Entities Classification

Below is the classification of various entities:

  • ADDRESS: Includes entities like GPE (Geopolitical Entity), FAC (Facility), LOC (Location), POSTAL_CODE, and COUNTRY.
  • PHONE NUMBER: Includes all country Phone Number, Mobile Number, and Landline Number.
  • HEALTH BENEFICIARY NUMBER: Includes entities like Health Insurance Number,General Insurance Number, and National Health Insurance Number.
  • VEHICLE REGISTRATION NUMBER: Includes Vehicle Registration Number and Vehicle Number.
  • LICENSE NUMBER: Includes entities like Healthcare Provider Licence Number, Pharmaceutical Licence Number, and Doctor Licence Number.
  • MRN NUMBER: Includes Patient Identification Number and Medical Record Identifier.
  • ACCOUNT NUMBER: Includes Bank Account Number and Account Number.
PII/PHI Entities Description Example Mask
PERSON  Name of a person George Williams <PER>yefNTf jm3Jf</PER>
CREDIT_CARD Numeric code for financial transactions. 5000236879543210 <CRD>4D67AFZLFh3OBk03cNo0</CRD>
ADDRESS GPE,FAC,Loc,PostalCode,Country Paris,Eiffel Tower,Amazon Rainforest,,buildings such as airport,stadium  <ADDRESS>g5Ua2Fm843</ADDRESS>.
IP_ADDRESS Unique label for devices in a network. <IPA>368.531.3681.004</IPA>
MAC_NUMBER Unique identifier for network interfaces. 00:1A:2B:3C:4D:5E.  <DEVICE_ID>o5gCeI67k6xDC4ST3</DEVICE_ID>
ORGANIZATION Names of organizations Lakeview Hospital <ORG>fL89cEDrh6 uii8cQSrwT</ORG>
PHONE_NUMBER  Telecommunications numbers: Phone, Mobile, Landline. +44 7943 582088,(555) 123-4567,(098) 765-4321,+44 7943 582088 <PHN>+736785 58609 305</PHN
URL Web address (URL). www.cityhospital.net <URL>02FZUWHoADyGJE08SCqPfxb</URL>.
US_SSN Social Security Number (USA). 756-45-6689 <SSN>0402795019673173694705</SSN>
EMAIL_ADDRESS Email Address George@example.com <EMAIL>yefNTf@VxLPAG1Dvm</EMAIL>
DATE_OF_BIRTH Birthdate of a person. March 10, 2023. <DOB>sz7jDZyonfgY3y</DOB>.
START_DATE_OF_HOSPITALIZATION Admission date to a hospital. April 10, 2023. <ADMIT_DATE>yupFq6xVI9Xkx3I6Odzqo6PO1hFK58</ADMIT_DATE>
DISCHARGE_DATE Release date from a hospital. Sep 5, 2023. <DISCHARGE_DATE>08l7xKbswvTev05RD3w7kEwS17Z</DISCHARGE_DATE>
DEATH_DATE Date of death. February 5, 2024. <DEATH_DATE>JOIm57O7rG4co9UuC2d</DEATH_DATE>
FAX_NUMBER Number for sending facsimile documents. 4256324532 <FAX_NO>511694045434</FAX_NO>
DRIVING_LICENSE_NUMBER  Driver’s license identifier. DL35235 <DL_NO>3hm6dQehstF8cSjDTpDDUbJiCm6zkk</DL_NO>
VEHICLE_REGISTRATION_NUMBER Vehicle registration identifier. MA2334  <VEHICLE_REG_NO>FIwaeRko6x7GaegIyZXL</VEHICLE_REG_NO>.
VEHICLE_IDENTFICATION_NUMBER Unique code for motor vehicles. 232679GE24  <VIN>5t7uzVOu5ZZS06j</VIN
LICENCE_NO Healthcare provider or pharmaceutical license number. HP839232 <LICENCE_NO>Y37kcPZWFX6TBb13UQ</LICENCE_NO>.
MRN Medical record or patient identifier P4353 <MRN>1020663481</MRN>
ACC_NO Bank account number. 876543210 <ACC_NO>934295135373</ACC_NO>

For more comprehensive information about our product, kindly reach out to us through our website at https://www.protecto.ai/.

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