Updated on July 4, 2024

Custom PII Tag Management and Endpoint Configuration

Note: Custom Tag APIs are not available for trial users. A subscription is required to access these features. Please contact help@protecto.ai  for assistance.

This endpoint allows users to add or update a custom PII tag.(eg- Customter Id), and configure Identification Endpoint details.

Note: To obtain the <auth token>, please refer to the Step-by-Step Guide to Obtain Your Auth Token

Route: /metadata/add-or-update/custom-tag/identification-endpoint.

Request Type: PUT.

Input Structure:

  • The input structure consists of a JSON object with a data field containing:
    • tag_type: The type of the custom tag.
    • identification_endpoint_details: Details of the identification endpoint including URL, method, and headers(if applicable)
            "Authorization":"Bearer <access_token>"


Upon successful addition or update, the response contains a JSON object with:

  • A data field containing a success message indicating that the custom PII tag has been added or updated successfully.
      "message":"custom tag CUSTOMER_ID added or updated successfully."


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