Updated on July 4, 2024

Custom PII Tag Details Retrieval

This endpoint facilitates retrieving details related to a custom PII tag. It requires a PUT request with the specified query parameters.

Note: To obtain the <auth token>, please refer to the Step-by-Step Guide to Obtain Your Auth Token

Route: /metadata/custom-tag/details.

Request Type:PUT.

Query Parameters:

The query parameters are provided as a JSON object in the data field. In this example, the tag_type parameter is specified as "CUSTOMER_ID".

Code Snippet



The response contains a JSON object with:

  • A data field containing details of the custom tag specified by the tag_type.
    • tag_type: The type of the custom tag.
    • prefix: The prefix associated with the custom tag.
    • suffix: The suffix associated with the custom tag.
    • token_name: The name of the text token.
    • format_name: The format of the custom tag.
    • identification_endpoint_details: Details of the identification endpoint associated with the custom tag, including URL, method, and headers.
    • pi_elements_list_endpoint_details: Details of the PI elements list endpoint associated with the custom tag (if available).
      "token_name":"Text token",
            "Authorization":"Bearer <access_token>"
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