Updated on July 4, 2024

Activate Subscription

Note: Activate Subscription  APIs are not available for trial users. For inquiries, please contact help@protecto.ai.


This API endpoint is used to activate Protecto’s authentication key.

HTTP Method





  • Authorization: "Bearer <ADMIN_USER_AUTH_KEY>"

Example Request

  "auth_key": "<Protecto_API_AUTH_KEY>"

Response Format

"data": { 
"message": "Subscription activated successfully." 
"success": true, 
"error": {"message": ""} 

Response Fields

  • data: An object containing the response message.
    • message: A message indicating the subscription was activated successfully.
  • success: A boolean indicating if the request was successful.
  • error: An object containing error details, if any.
    • message: A message describing the error, if any occurred.


  • Ensure that the Authorization header contains a valid admin user auth key.
  • The auth_key must be provided in the JSON payload for the activation to be successful.
  • The response will confirm whether the subscription was activated successfully or provide an error message if it was not.
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